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SCHWEE! The League (2016)

SCHWEE! The League is a fantasy football league founded in 2002 by 10 long-time friends. While team ownership has changed over the years, one thing remains the same: competition is tough, losers face ridicule, and winners take home the coveted SCHWEE! Championship Trophy to display with pride.

2016 Champion: The Esquires
2016 Runner-Up: Dark Horses

Note: SCHWEE! The League primary logo designed in part by Ben Kiehl


Bywater Bounders
Owner: David N.

Dark Horses
Owner: Ben K.

The Esquires
Owner: Chris G.

Owner: Chris R.

Houston, We Have A Problem
Owner: Matt F.

If It’s Brown, Flush It Down
Owner: Jake K.

It’s All About The Hamiltons
Owner: Zack S.

Nauruan Vaquitas
Owner: David S.

Snork Juice
Owner: Kelly S.

Threat Level Midnight
Owner: Elliott C.